Your Cat June 2017
Issue 1706

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Fascinating new research from the Pet Food Manufacturers Association reveals that more and more men are owning cats and opening up about their affection for their feline friends. What’s more the research also reveals that women view cat-owning men as being kinder and more loving. So, what does this tell us about our changing society, what does it mean for cat rescue charities, and does it suggest cats are set to take over as the pet of choice? We dig a little deeper into these revelations this issue — you may be surprised by what you discover!
With kitten season in full swing, there’s a timely reminder to everyone about the importance of neutering our cats. Research tells us that 68 per cent of litters are unplanned and it doesn’t take too much imagination to work out the consequences of this — charities bracing themselves for an influx of unwanted kittens. Even if our own cats are already neutered, we can still do our bit, by spreading the word and emphasising the benefits of neutering, as well as busting a few of the myths about the procedure.
We all like to think our pets are super-intelligent; get a group of pet owners together and they’ll all be falling over themselves to share the latest anecdote that reveals their pet to be a budding genius — just like proud parents.
But when it comes to cats, do we really know how clever they are — brighter than we think or not quite plotting to take over the world? All may be revealed in our new two-part series exploring cat intelligence — enjoy!