Your Cat May 2017
Issue 1705

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Less stress for your cat means less stress for you — a win, win situation! So the advice from International Cat Care’s Sam Taylor, in the final part of our ‘vet stress’ series, is sure to go down well with all cat owners. Sam’s comprehensive article takes you from the waiting room to the consulting room, and on to the hospital in the event of your cat needing further treatment. There’s also advice on returning home and what you can expect from the veterinary team in terms of how they handle your cat.

Now that the weather is improving, many of us enjoy time out in the garden. If you’ve got an outdoor cat, there’s plenty you can do to make it an enjoyable space for him too. Check out our feature on creating a cat haven this issue, for a whole host of ideas to inspire and enthuse you.

All too often older cats get overlooked in rescue, but there are many advantages to having a more senior kitty and that’s the focus of our charity feature this month, plus there’s a selection of long-stay, harder to rehome cats who are looking for their forever homes — perhaps your ideal feline friend is among them.

Finally, there is a very moving real-life story this month — the heartbreaking tale of how a rescue kitten brought comfort to a devastated family.