Your Cat August 2017
Issue 1708

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Have you ever wondered what your cat is trying to tell you?

With expert advice from Daniel Mills, one of Europe’s top specialists in clinical animal behaviour, our lead feature this month — ‘The language of cats’ — helps you interpret your cat’s body language and explains the reasons behind some of his behaviours.

Understanding our pets and their needs is an integral part of being a good cat owner, which is just another reason why the indoors/outdoors dilemma facing every cat owner needs such careful consideration. In the second part of our ongoing series about this lifestyle choice, we’ve been getting some expert views — and they certainly provide food for thought!

On a lighter note, there are some amazing cat characters featuring in the magazine this month, from Denali, the kitten who thinks nothing of scaling the heights with his rock-climbing owner, to theatre cat Pluto, who gets up to mischief and keeps everyone on their toes at the Battersea Arts Centre.

There’s lots to keep you informed and entertained this month!

*Do you celebrate your cat’s birthday? If not, maybe now’s the time to start and our feature ‘Happy purrthday’ should provide plenty of ideas on how to make it a special and memorable occasion for both of you, including cooking up a tasty cake for your cat, present ideas for indulgent owners, and discovering how our social media fans celebrate in style!