Your Dog August 2017
Issue 1708

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*WIN! A dog-friendly break in Worcestershire.

*Get your summer dog fix! Ten dog-themed days out for the holidays.

*Brush up your basic training and discover why teaching your dog to sit is so important.

*How to cope with walking disasters. Top tips on what to do in an emergency.

*It’s pawty time! Celebrate your dog’s birthday in style!

*Cheeky chappie — the mischievous Yorkshire Terrier — a little dog with a big heart!


*How you can learn more about your dog’s origins through DNA testing.

*Top tips to help you and your dog shine at fun dog shows this summer.

*The magic of Scotland — it’s the perfect place to take a dog-friendly break.

*The amazing story of Gobi — the little dog who raced across the Gobi Desert and found her forever home in Scotland.

All this and more in the August issue of Your Dog Magazine!