Your Kitten

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The Your Cat Kitten Guide is the definitive guide to kitten ownership, leading potential kitten owners through the first year – from selecting their new feline friend to seeing him (or her) grow into a healthy and happy adult cat. 

Your Kitten is divided into five important chapters: 

Chapter 1: Finding your kitten
Expert advice on choosing the ideal kitten for you; questions to ask the breeder or rescue centre; breed profiles of the top ten GCCF registered breeds; looking for signs of good health; rescue centres and charities. 

Chapter 2: Coming home 
Preparing the home for your new kitten's arrival; selecting suitable kitten equipment; advice on allowing your kitten access to the outside; socialization; raising a calm and confident kitten. 

Chapter 3: Health and nutrition 
Selecting the best diet for your kitten; daily health checks; advice on handling kittens; establishing regular programmes for parasite control and vaccinations; recommendations for microchipping and neutering; grooming techniques; insurance. 

Chapter 4: Feline Behaviour 
Understanding kitten behaviour; dealing with common problems, such as biting or inappropriate toileting; how to cope with a multi-cat household; common feline behavioural problems discussed. 

Chapter 5: Into the future 
Ongoing care as your kitten matures into adult cathood; developing feline social skills; includes a unique kitten profile for readers to update.